Thursday, October 30, 2014

Change of plans: Sierra Leone

I learned this week that Partners In Health (PIH) would like to send me to Sierra Leone rather than Liberia. During a conference call today I learned that we will be the first group that PIH sends to Sierra Leone and that we will be working in villages where there are no Ebola Treatment Units (ETU) but in which the communities have set up isolation units. We will be providing technical assistance while the ETUs are being built.

I'm excited about this opportunity. They told us that they were looking for people who could be flexible. I guess they figured from my background and my interviews that I fit that bill.

I will be in Anniston, Alabama on Monday to start CDC safety training and will travel from there to Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, where I will have further training before we go to Port Loko.

I should have good Internet access in Freetown, but I don't know what to expect in Port Loko. Posting my blog entry from Tanzania was challenging. I suspect that posting from Sierra Leone will be more difficult. I was able to Skype Holly and Andrew almost every day that I was in Tanzania. I'm not sure if or how often I'll be able to Skype them from Sierra Leone. That will be the hardest part of this trip.

I appreciate all of the positive feedback from family and friends and through social media. I appreciate the offers to help Holly and Andrew while I'm away. I am especially grateful for all of your prayers.

Next stop: Atlanta.





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