Sunday, August 23, 2015


I've taken a break from writing this blog. I have a couple of posts in the works, but I've put them on the back-burner while I enjoy the warm summer months.

I cut back my hours at work so I have a couple of days every month to take Andrew out and have daddy-and-son time together. Cutting back made a noticeable dent in my paycheck, but it's worth every penny! He and I have been taking a lot of bike rides together. The Scott Pierson Trail isn't as scenic as some of the other rides we take together, but it's not far from our house and we've been riding that trail a couple of times every week. We've gone out to Orting several times on our days out together to ride the Foothills Trail and, on the weekends, we ride the Five Mile Drive at Point Defiance Park (we go around the loop twice for a 10-mile ride).
Five Mile Drive: Andrew gets a nap, Holly gets a couple of toddler-free hours, and I get a work out; everyone wins!

Titlow Park

Titlow Park
Andrew loves going for rides with me, but he has the most fun running through wooded areas.

Snake Lake
Point Defiance Park
China Lake Park
This has been a good year for my pepper garden. This year I have all five of the domesticated species of chilies in my garden: Capsicum baccatum (aji yellow), C. chinense (habanero), C. frutescence (Tabasco), C. pubescens (rocoto), and several varieties of C. annuum (almapaprika, bell, and cayenne). I also have a couple of plants from seeds I brought back from Sierra Leone. I call them "Ebola peppers." I've been perusing a couple of Oaxacan cookbooks (The Food and Life of Oaxaca, Mexico and Oaxaca al Gusto) instead of reading references for this blog and planning what I'm going to grow next year.

Ebola peppers

Okra blossom
There have been a few disappointments this year. My tomatoes got hit with a bad fungus and, although the plants look great, I haven't seen a single pumpkin yet – I think the squirrels are eating them.

It's a lot of work, but Holly and I have created a pleasant space for our family to enjoy. So, please pardon me as I enjoy relaxing on this warm summer afternoon instead of writing about infectious diseases and vaccines.
Holly's piano studio